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Executive Search

Top management talent is highly sought after to deliver outstanding results.  JWC Partners helps companies recruit high caliber executive talent with strong leadership ability and potential.  Clients comment on our superior ability to assess candidate's skills, leadership capabilities, and fit.  Our insight into company culture ensures those we place enjoy a long career with the company.

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Board Director Recruiting

Board composition is of great importance in corporate boardrooms today to ensure boards have the collective skills and experience to fulfill their oversight responsibilities effectively.  Boards are increasingly turning to recruitment firms to guarantee objectivity and a qualified, diverse slate of candidates to consider.  The first step in the process is to define the needs of the Board by aligning the corporate strategy with the skills of current Board Directors.  Once the personal and professional characteristics of ideal Board Directors have been defined, JWC Partners identifies candidates who bring the necessary skills and are also a strong fit within the board culture.

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Board Assessment

Effective boardrooms require a feedback mechanism to make certain the individual skills and capabilities of each Director are brought together successfully.  Most boards today conduct a board assessment, yet few include individual board member appraisals as part of the process.  Most Boards of Directors believe the process they use could be enhanced.  JWC Partners works closely with Boards to offer a process based on observation, individual Board Director interviews and survey questions to assess the collective Board and individual members.

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Leadership Assessment

Through a competency-based assessment approach and a structural in-depth, in-person personal interview, JWC Partners assesses an individual's capabilities and leadership potential. Often as part of succession planning and leadership development, this assessment offers a company an outside perspective on talent and advice on leadership development. Clients appreciate our assistance in developing the next generation of leaders.

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Provided great slate of candidates.

Ability to listen and translate key needs to the screening process so that candidates were well-suited for the role.

Great thought leadership, trusted advisor and transparency on candidates' strengths/weaknesses.

Clear understanding of organizational dynamics influencing the role, success factors, archetype of person needed.